Wealth: Democratized

Intellos is closing the global wealth gap by creating a protocol based crypto investment bank. We're enabling equal access to performant, custodianless investment opportunities and next-generation financial technology via the Intellos Protocol.

Financial Equality.
Fairness. Inclusion.

The global wealth gap is growing. Over 50% of the world’s buying power is controlled by the wealthiest 1%.

Intellos is shifting wealth back into the hands of the 99% by opening high-performance alternative investment vehicles to everyone through a new, open ecosystem that’s managed, controlled, driven by our token holders and powered by the Intellos Protocol.

Wealth Distribution

Wealth Distribution Wealth Distribution

Intellos Ecosystem

The components of our ecosystem work in lockstep to deliver novel financial products and services to a global audience.

Introducing Intellos Token (ITX)

$ITX puts a new kind of wealth in the palm of your hand because by holding it, gives you access to all that Intellos has to offer. From tokenized asset-backed investment vehicles to our proprietary algo trading platform, ITX unlocks the evolution of investment banking.

Utility, Usage and Benefits of ITX

  • Holding ITX entitles you to access the Intellos ecosystem
  • Can be used to purchase Coin Traded Products on our exchange with zero trading fee's
  • Participate in Coin Traded Product ICO's
  • ITX is staked to become a node and mine ITX
  • ITX is staked to launch user-made Coin Traded Products
  • ITX is staked to become a market maker on our liquidity engine
  • Holding ITX enables you to create Intellos Improvement Proposals
  • Used to pay for any services that are built on the protocol, such as Intellitrade

Required funds

Required funds


Details coming soon.

Meet the team

The passionate, dedicated Intellos team is changing global banking forever. Get to know them.

Christopher Post Founder / CEO / Engineer

Christopher studied both Finance and Computer Science at Pace University. His core expertise, experience, and real passion is in building high performance / low latency algorithmic trading platforms and highly scalable grid computing architectures. He started coding at age 10 and is committed to helping the democratization of wealth creation and equality through technology.

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Maximilian Rang CMO

An early adopter of cryptocurrency and proponent of Bitcoin. Marketing and design expertise from collaborative experience with local and global brands. Crafter of media messaging and manager of digital customer acquisition. Enthused by the socio-economic and political implications of decentralist philosophy.

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Michael Hertzberg Frontend Engineer

Michael has 10+ years of web technologies experience. A self-taught programmer since childhood, Michael's interests range from dealing with Perl and PHP 3 in the late 90s, grey-hat hacking in the 2000s, to modern JavaScript development in the 2010s. Michael is an avid open-source contributor.

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Patrick Schuppli Economics

Patrick holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from the University of Basel. He is experienced in the import and export industry and has recently been cofounder and associate in a commodities company where he was also in charge of customer relationship management. In the wake of 2017 his previous blockchain interest catalysed and he decided to follow his passion and shift to this exciting field.

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Meet the team

The passionate, dedicated Intellos team is changing global finance forever. Get to know them.

Dr. Andreas Hauri CTO / Engineer

Andreas holds a PhD in Neuroinformatics from ETHZ. Andreas has a track record of successful startups, like Mila, a swisscom venture where he was the acting CTO for 5 years. He is passionate about building software and loves to work collaboratively with local and remote teams.

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Jane Nguyen COO

Jane is a highly skilled banking professional with expertise in product and account management. More specifically, she has been involved with project management, operations and process improvements, marketing, business development, and people leadership and analytics. She is committed to advocating for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

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Julian Petersen Community Manager

Julian holds a Master of Science in Consumer Affairs of Technische Universität München focusing on the intersection of the consumer, technology and innovation. Having worked for the product management and the innovation department of a German premium car manufacturer as well as strategy consultancies, he was steering projects in both Germany and abroad. His fascination for Ethereum and the far reaching potential of blockchain technology led him to join this thriving industry.

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Our Advisors

Relevant and competent advisors with proven track records.

Dr. Steven Waterhouse Advisor

CEO and Co-Founder of Orchid Labs and a Co-Founder of Pantera Capital. Board Member of Bitstamp. Co-Founder and CTO of RPX (Nasdaq: RPXC). Honeycomb Founder and Director at Sun Microsystems. Speech recognition and machine learning PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University. Visionary for a truly open Internet free from surveillance and censorship.

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Bryce Case Jr. Advisor

Known as the "Bitcoin Baron." Outspoken crypto-evangelist, with lectures given at DEFCON, SkyTalks and leading cryptocurrency conferences. Co-Founder of the non-profit Unsung.org, and early advocate of the use of blockchain for heightened transparency into funds management and disbursement by charities. Colorful background in OPSEC and digital marketing.

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Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm Advisor

Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm is a lawyer and venture capitalist based in Zürich, Switzerland, with a Ph.D. in international corporate affairs. He is recognised as top legal FinTech advisor on several STO / TGE / ICO projects and is specialised in the legal impact of the blockchain economy. He is also a respected crypto market commentator.

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Mark Turell Advisor

Co-Founder of Imaginatik with enterprise clients such as IBM, Merck, Novartis, Bayer, Pfizer, Allianz, Cargill, Whirlpool and Xerox. Nominated by The World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and Young Global Leader. Professor of Global Strategy at Hult International Business School. Co-Founder of Vork and Orcasci. Yielder of extensive knowledge and insight in AI, networking, OPSEC, behavorial science, neuroscience, and distributed ledger technology.

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Dana Love, PhD Advisor

Named "one of the big names in big data" by Wired Magazine, acclaimed as "a guru of transformation in big data" by Oracle's Profit Magazine, and called "a mathematical genius designing complex technologies" by Richmond’s Style Weekly, Dana Love has a more than 25-year career driving growth, consolidation, innovation, and business transformation as an executive-level revenue leader, technologist, and marketer.

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Thomas Hartmann Advisor

Thomas Hartmann has 17 years of trading experience with a focus on technical analysis. He has been a project manager for foreign exchange trading, training regularly in certified seminars and successfully delivering training for several months. For 15 years he has been trading full-time on the DAX and on the FOREX market as well as intensive cryptocurrencies for a year. Since 2016 he has focused on cryptocurrencies. During that time he acquired a reputation of accurately predicting major cryptocurrency price movements in social media.

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